Xiaguan Tuo Tea

The ‘Xiaguan Tuocha Tea’ (Grade A for Domestic Market) produced by Yunnan Xiaguan Tuocha(Group) Co., Ltd. (Yunnan Xiaguan Tea Factory), was developed for the first time at Xiaguan in 1902 with a registered brand called “Songhe”, which has a crane under a pine tree for trademark. The product is prepared with extra care by using leaves from the different tea mountains famous for the improved broad-leaf tea species and it belongs to the series of top grade compressed tea. 

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Xiaguan Te Ji Tuo Tea Cake, First Grade Yunnan Tuo Pu erh RAW Cha, Pu er
Name: Xiaguan te ji Tuo Tea Cake  (Chinese Green pu erh Raw Tea) Origin: ..
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