Uncooked Tea

Uncooked pu-erh is the original form of pu-erh teas. Following traditional method, new uncooked pu-erh teas are little or no fermented. The taste of those new teas, especially those made of wild arbor-type tea trees, has a strong astringency. People gradually found that by storing them in a dry condition for several more years, the teas become more mellow and lingering in the taste. In fact, the longer you store those uncooked pu-erhs, the better and more mellow the taste. Again, this especially applies to those made of wild arbor-type tea trees.

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YunNan Jinggu Moonlight Beauty Ancient Tree, "Yue Guang Bai” Pu erh Cake 357g
Name: Jinggu Pure Material Ancient Tree “Yue Guang Bai” Material: Jinggu early spring pure materi..
Ex Tax: $59.00
Yunnan Lin Cang chi tse Uncooked Pu-erh Tea Cake, Beeng
Name: "Yun hai" Yunnan Lin Cang chi tse Uncooked Pu-erh Tea Cake   / Pu'er Beeng t..
Ex Tax: $26.00
Yunnan Meng hai chi tse pu erh beeng tea Cake,RAW
Name:  MengHai chi tse Pu-erh Tea Cake    /Pu'er Beeng tea Origin :  ..
Ex Tax: $25.00
Yunnan White Buds Raw Ancient Tree UnCooked Pu erh Tea,Moon light puer Cake tee 云南月光白普洱饼茶叶
Name: 2013 Yunnan Caicheng "Moonlight Beauty" Ancient Tree UnCooked Pu erh Tea Beeng Origin ..
$19.00 $18.00
Ex Tax: $18.00
yunnan yuan nian hui gan Pu'erh,Puer Brick Tea
Name:   "Yuan Nian Hui Gan"  Pu-erh Tea Brick Origin : Yunnan, China..
Ex Tax: $17.00
zhongcha Mini Pu-erh Tea Cake box,chinese Yunnan ER TUO
Name: Yunnan  Pu-erh Tea  Mini Cakes    Box    ..
Ex Tax: $17.00
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