Cooked Tea

Cooked pu-erhs are made of the same raw tea leaves as uncooked ones. However, to speed up the fermentation process and improve the mellowness in taste, the tea factory added a Wuo Duei step - Wuo means "wetted by spreading water", and Duei means "stored as many layers". Basically, it is an auto-thermal and enhanced oxidation process that quickly increases the fermentation degree of pu-erh teas. Because of the auto-thermal nature and the heat generated during the step, people call this kind of pu-erh "cooked".

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Yunnan Langhe Menghai Old Pu-erh Tea Brick,cooked
Name:   "Langhe" Brand Menghai Old Pu-erh Tea Brick Origin : Yunnan, Chin..
Ex Tax: $17.00
Yunnan Menghai Old Zhuan Ripe Pu-erh Brick, pu er cake
Name:   "Meng Hai Old Zhuan" Ripe Pu-erh Tea Brick Origin : Yunnan, China..
Ex Tax: $17.00
Yunnan Pu-erh tea Mini Cake bag, PU ER tuo cha
Name: PU ERH Mini Cakes Tea  bag Origin : Yunnan, China. Grade : good &nbs..
Ex Tax: $12.50
Yunnan puer Cha Zhuan, PU ERH Slimming tea Brick
Name: Yunnan Pu-erh Tea Brick Origin : Yunnan, China Rating :  ★★ State : C..
Ex Tax: $16.00
Yunnan Tong Qing Hao RIPE Pu Erh Tea Cake, Old Pu er Beeng 357g
Name: Yunnan Tong Qing Hao Pu-erh Tea Cake Origin : Yunnan, China Rating :  ★★★..
Ex Tax: $29.00
Yunnan zhong cha Pu'erh,Puerh Brick Tea,er, 7581
Name:   Zhong cha Brand Pu-erh Tea Brick Origin : Yunnan, China Grade..
Ex Tax: $16.00
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