Osmanthus oolong Tea

    Gui Hua Oolong is produced by scenting Taiwanese Oolong tea with fresh Osmanthus flowers, combining the sweet osmanthus fragrance with the fruity sweet nature of Taiwanese Oolong. The recipe of Gui Hua Oolong has been around for a long time. This tea was especially popular among the ladies in the past as they believe that drinking it can help them enhance their beauty. In any case, Gui Hua Oolong is truly a lovely tea suitable to be shared with your friends and family anytime.

    Osmanthus oolong tea is the combination of Oolong with osmanthus flower. During the final stage of tea processing – the baking process, the tea slowly absorb fragrance from fresh osmanthus blossoms. This heat-infusing technique adds in a refined floral note to the tea. The process of making this tea can be different from maker to maker. But most of them use the traditional processing method without the use of any chemical. 

     Oolong is not the only tea that can be infused with osmanthus flower. People have been using dried osmanthus flowers with black tea and green tea as well. However, the combination of oolong tea and osmanthus flower create a different, enjoyable tasting tea that is loved by many. 


     Osmanthus oolong tea benefits range from boosting digestive health, heart health to reducing the risk of chronic diseases. The great health benefits of oolong tea are now combined with that of osmanthus flower for double the effect.


Osmanthus oolong tea has a smooth, mellow taste of fresh oolong tea and flowery notes. The tea is pleasant on your palate with a heavenly aroma. Some varieties of osmanthus oolong tea also have underlying fruity flavors and pleasant aftertaste. High-quality osmanthus tea will have a more defined flowery fragrance compared with lower grade ones. 

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