Yong Chuan Xiu Ya Tea

Yong Chuanxiu bud, originate in Chongqing city always plain area (former Sichuan is saved always plain county) . It is indicative beautiful and quiet and tastefully laid out Ba Shanshu water, also reflect the well-known tea distinguishing feature that gives show of lubricious emerald green form. The Xian Xie of Yong Chuanxiu bud, with " early Bai Jian " , "Na Jiang tea " wait thoroughbred for actor, the standard is one bud one leaf, requirement bud-leaf is complete, fresh, clean.

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Yong Chuan Xiu Ya Tea, Chongqing Yongchuan Xiu Bud Green Tea cha, 永川秀芽
Name: Yongchuan Xiu Bud        Chinese Green Tea Other name: y..
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