Jasmine Balls

Dragon-phoenix ball or pearl tea was a general designation for Song's North Garden tribute tea, which included the Dragon ball tea and the Phoenix Cake Tea. The North Garden was located in Phoenix Mountain of Jian'ou, Fujian Province. The Dragon-phoenix ball tea was already made during Song Taiping Xingguo period (A.D. 976-983). During the Xianping period (A.D 998-1003), Ding Wei made "Big Dragon Ball" to pay tribute. During Qingli period, Cai Xiang made "small Dragon Ball" which got the better of the "Big Dragon Ball". The Dragon-phoenix ball tea was the greatest achievement of ancient Chinese cake tea productio

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Dragon Pearl, Jasmine balls Green Tea, Mo Li Long Zhu Cha,  茉莉龙珠花茶
Name: Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearl Tea, Green Tea        /Long Zhu Hua..
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Phoenix Eye Tea, Fujian Mo Li Feng Yan, Jasmine Green Tea
Name:  Phoenix Eye Jasmine Tea Other Names: Mo Li Feng Yan Origin:  Fujian Prov..
Ex Tax: $24.00
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