Chrysanthemum tea

Chrysanthemum tea is one of China's most popular Herbal teas. This tea is well-known for its cooling properties that help to decrease body heat and is recommended for those with fever, sore throat, and other heat-related illnesses. Our Chrysanthemum tea is a special grade known as the Huang Shan (Yellow Mountain) Chrysanthemum.

Chrysanthemum Tea improves cloudy vision and gradually reduces liver inflammation. Frequently included in formulas for sinus congestion, fever, complexion problems, and high blood pressure, the flowers are sweet and refreshing! Enjoy it hot or cold.

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Bu Bu Gao Sheng ,   Blooming Flowering Flower Artistic Tea
Name:   Promoting to a higher position White Tea       Na..
Ex Tax: $14.50
Calendula officinalis herbal tea, Jin Zhan Ju cha
Name: Calendula officinalis herbal tea / Jin Zhan Ju Origin : China Grade ..
Ex Tax: $21.00
Die Lian Hua,  butterflies love flower,  Blooming Flowering Flower Artistic Tea
Name:   butterflies love flower          Natura..
Ex Tax: $14.50
Imperial White Chrysanthemum Flower tea, Gong Bai Ju Hua cha
Name: White Chrysanthemum tea      / Gong Bai Ju Hua Cha O..
Ex Tax: $13.00
Yellow Chrysanthemum Flower tea, Huang Ju Hua Cha
 Name: Yellow Chrysanthemum tea      / Huang Ju Hua Cha ..
Ex Tax: $12.00
Yi Jian Zhong Qing,  Love at First Sight ,   Blooming Flowering Flower Artistic Tea
Name:    Love at First Sight         ..
Ex Tax: $14.50
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