Bitter Tea (Kuding tea)

Bitter (Kuding tea) is a traditional Chinese tea typically made from the leaves of the ilex kudingcha, a type of holly plant. Other names for this drink include bitter tea, solitary leaf, fuding tea or, chading. The leaves are twisted together into a distinct shape that is long and thin, resembling a nail or spike.

This tea is believed to possess many medicinal properties. It is generally consumed for its health benefits only, and not for its taste. Kuding tea has a very bitter flavor. Though the first bite of bitterness is followed by a slightly sweet taste, most tea drinkers do not enjoy the taste enough to consume this tea for that reason alone.

One of the best known properties of this tea is its purported ability to lower blood pressure. It is believed to do this by increasing healthy circulation throughout the body. This effect may also help to bring down inflammation in various parts of the body.

Kuding Tea or kuding Cha, also known as bitter tea, a solitary leaf tea is a medicinal tea made mainly in China. The name kuding is derived from the Chinese words Ku, which means bitter and Ding, the Chinese word for a spike, as the leaves of the kuding plant are twisted to form long narrow spikes. Though the tea has a bitter taste, some people find that it has a sweet aftertaste soon after they finish consuming the tea. Many people get used to the tea after some time, using it in combination with other teas or sweeteners like stevia as it has a number of proven health benefits. The kuding cha has been used in China since 1765 and was earlier called Dong Qing.
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Imperial Wild-growing Hainan Kuding Cha,Spike Large-leaf Bitter tea
Name:  Hainan wild kuding tea Origin : Wuzhishan, hainan, China Grade : A&..
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Needle Kuding Bitter Herbal Green Tea, Chinese Spike Large-leaf Needle-shaped tea 苦丁茶
Name:  Needle-shaped kuding tea Origin :  China Grade : Good Net Weight :&nb..
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Qing Shan Lu Shui Cha, kuding tea, Bitter Tea 青山绿水苦丁茶
Name:  Qing Shan Lu Shui  Tea        (one kind of Kudin..
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