Honeysuckle tea contains traditional Chinese medicinal materials, such as honeysuckle, kendir, sweet leaf chrysanthemum, etc. By scientific technology,  chlorogenic acid distilled from honeysuckle and glucoside distilled from kendir, are important physiology active materials with unique function and efficiency to the human body.

◇Clear fever, detoxify,  brighten eyes, expand outside blood vessel and suppress blood vessel sport center.
◇Reduce serum cholesterol and increase blood flow of coronary artery, prevent coronary heart disease and angina.
◇Prevent brains from lacking blood, function obstacle of brain; Suppress the forming of the brain thrombus.
◇Raise people's ability of bearing lack for oxygen, strengthen memory, delay senility. 
◇Improve microcirculation, remove oxidize fat deposit, promote metabolism, moisten skin and dispel spots.
◇The old    Often drinking this tea can get rid of illness and build the body; 
◇Teenagers    Often drinking this tea can, strengthen memory; 
◇Brain worker   Often drinking this tea can benefit intelligence and wake up the brain; 
◇Manual laborer   Often drinking this tea can get rid of tiredness soon; 
◇Women   Often drinking this tea can moisten skin remove spots.

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Chinese Honeysuckle Flower tea,Jin Yin Hua herbal
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