Ci Wu Jia

Eleuthero is used widely in eastern Asia as a tonic to enhance overall well-being. Like members of the Panax (true ginseng) family of plants, eleuthero is considered to be an “adaptogen”, a substance that may help individuals cope with physical and emotional stress. Overall body stabilizers, adaptogens are believed to have a number of general effects that help protect cells from damage due to environmental conditions. Studies of eleuthero’s possible actions in animals and show that it may have some positive effects. For instance, chemicals in eleuthero produced moderate reductions in blood cholesterol levels for individuals in a small clinical study. It also decreased blood sugar in experimental animals. However, the type of eleuthero used to lower both cholesterol and blood sugar was an injectable form not available outside of Asia.

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Eleuthero leaf,Siberian ginseng Herb,Ci Wu Jia Tea
Name: Ci Wu Jia Tea             This is Ci..
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Eleuthero Root,Siberian ginseng Herb,Ci Wu Jia Tea
Name:  Eleuthero Root,  Chinese Siberian ginseng,  Ci Wu Jia Origin :&nbs..
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