Scientific Name: Panax Ginseng

Other Names: Asian Ginseng, Chinese Ginseng, Ginseng, Panax, Guigai, Japanese Ginseng, Korean Ginseng, Ninjin, Oriental Ginseng, Panax schinseng, Seng

How use: 

(1) cooked serving. Ginseng into 2cm slices will be placed in jars, fill water, sealed disk. 4-5 hours can be steamed cooked in vinegar and placed in use. 
(2) chewing.2-3 tablets containing ginseng to ponder over in population, health-refreshing, stomach and delicious. 
(3) mills. Ginseng flowers into powder to day swallowing tea. Will be attended thinly sliced, or on a low flame before pouring, prepared with water, so it can use to build five minutes later. 
(4) island.Will be thinly sliced ginseng root into a jar full use of the liquor soaked 50-60. 
(5) heat food. Ginseng is often accompanied by a bitter taste in food, and if people lean meat, chicken, fish, cooked meals together, remove bitterness.

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0.35 oz, 100% China Old WILD GINSENG ROOTS Gift box,15 years,ye ren shen 10g
Name:   100% Wild Ginseng Roots / Ye Ren Shen Grade : Highest qualit..
Ex Tax: $75.00
0.5 oz, 100% Bulk China Old WILD GINSENG ROOTS,15 years
Shape: it has two kinds of forms. We do not guarantee that every ro..
Ex Tax: $37.00
6 years Whole Dry Korean Red Ginseng Roots,Panax,China ren shen
Name:    Panax Korean Red Ginseng Roots Origin : Korea Grade : A..
Ex Tax: $25.00
Chinese Ginseng Oolong tea,loose Wu Long Ren Shen
Name: Gineng Oolong Tea Origin : Fujian, China Ingredients: Chinese Oolong Tea and ..
Ex Tax: $26.00
CHINESE White Ginseng root ,Panax Korean Bai Ren Shen, 白人参
Name:   Panax Korean White Ginseng Root / Bai Ren Shen Grade : Highest qualit..
Ex Tax: $29.00
Eleuthero leaf,Siberian ginseng Herb,Ci Wu Jia Tea
Name: Ci Wu Jia Tea             This is Ci..
Ex Tax: $14.00
Panax  Korean Red Ginseng Root, Chinese Hong Ren shen 红人参
Name:  Panax Korean Red Ginseng Root Grade : Highest quality,  5~6 years old. N..
Ex Tax: $21.00
Panax Korean Red Ginseng Roots slices, Chinese Ren shen pian 红人参切片
Name:  Panax Korean Red Ginseng Root slices Grade : Highest quality,  5~6 years ol..
Ex Tax: $21.00
TOP Chinese Ginseng Oolong tea,BEST  Wu Long Ren Shen Cha
Name:  Gineng Oolong Tea Origin :  Fujian, China Ingredien..
Ex Tax: $33.00
White Ginseng root Slices, Panax Korean Bai Ren Shen Pian
Name:   Panax Korean White Ginseng Root Slices    / Bai Ren Sh..
Ex Tax: $29.00
Whole Korean Panax  Red Ginseng Root, China Hong Shen 红参棒
Name:  Whole Panax Korean Red Ginseng Root Grade : Highest quality,  5~6 years old..
Ex Tax: $21.00
Whole Panax Korean Red Ginseng Root (Gift Packaging)
Name:  Whole Panax Korean Red Ginseng Root Grade : Highest quality,  5~6 years..
Ex Tax: $23.00
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